Welcome to The Road To Mount Helicon

Performances at The Muse Gallery in Portobello Road dedicated to all things quiet and beautiful

Episodes that will give intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to mind and spirit, whether arising from a sensory delight of shape, colour or sound, a meaningful design or pattern, or something else in which high spiritual qualities are manifest.

You can look forward to evenings of..
music, art, poetry, dance, film, performance, improvisation,  soundscapes, landscapes, foundscapes, beauty, elegance, artistry, gentleness, charm, grace, delicacy, refinement, glamour, elegance, allure, loveliness, seductiveness, fairness, fascination, gorgeousness, pleasantness, winsomeness, exquisiteness, seemliness, pleasingness, prepossessingness and symmetry.

These miscellanies will not be..
noisy, aggressive, violent, stressful, nasty, disgusting, revolting, hideous, monstrous, vile, distasteful, horrid, repulsive, frightful, objectionable, disagreeable or repugnant.

Compiled, curated and loved by
Martin A. Smith and Helen Smith

Witherspoonmt helicon cover