July 17th 2015


The second in a series of performance evenings at The Muse Gallery in Portobello Road dedicated to all things quiet and beautiful, featuring music, performance, sound, film, storytelling and poetry.

Friday July 17th 2015
Doors open 7.30
Entrance is Free

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Anne Garner

Anne’s music can’t be easily described.

The magic lies in the ambiguity, in the unanswered question and the breath between notes. It’s folk when celebrating lives lived, the grass and the dew and the soil. It’s classical when steeped in an ancient hymnal timelessness. She draws on electronica and electroacoustic too, though these are songs in the truest sense; intimate arrangements leaving lasting personal impressions.

Anne Garner is a composer and performer whose voice, piano, flute and imagination weave these threads into something altogether new.

“They’re not just pretty songs – they have a real emotional weight and depth. They comfort, they console and they protect. She treats the music like a son or a daughter, as if it were the most precious person in the world. It’s the way that music should be treated. It isn’t just something to listen to, but something to experience, something to cherish. Don’t let it be music; let it be life.”
James Catchpole, Fluid Radio


Peter Levics

Peter Levics is instrumental duo (brothers Maris and Juris Peterlevics) who creates ‘minimal compositions around the interplay between guitar and violin’.

“The approach is refreshingly simple but leaves ample room for invention and improvisation. Juris chooses a jazz inflected electric guitar sound that creates the space for Maris’ violin to shine and soar. The melodies blend folk and classical elements and [..] a strong sense of storytelling and remembrance is conveyed. It is as if the brothers are recounting a tale in which the guitar sets the pace and backdrop while the violin provides the narrative. It is an entrancing and compelling format bolstered by that special telepathic musical understanding between the musicians.”


Titania Krimpas


Titania has been a creative beast from the start. Music and movement and Shakespeare were early inspirations. Nowadays she directs plays, edits books, and writes prose.

She’ll be reading her short story ‘The Ending’ which can be heard on literary podcast The Wireless Reader.